Welcome to the RE Grid Integration Week

ATTENTION! Change of plans: RE Grid Integration Week will be held as virtual event in 2020.

Though we have had every intention to meet face-to-face in Germany this November, with much regret we must inform you that this year, we will not offer an on-site event.  With the pandemic developing as it is, we could not find a way to offer an exciting on-site Workshop for a larger group of people while guaranteeing the safety for our on-site participants – which is and will always be our main concern.

As we don’t do things by half measures, we have decided to turn this year’s Renewable Energy Grid Integration Week into an entirely virtual event. All sessions will be conducted online.

We very much hope that next year, we will again be able to offer the Symposium and the Workshops in the way you and we are used to. Yet, we are convinced that the virtual conferences have the potential to incorporate all that we value in our on-site events: exciting presentations, international project experiences and lively discussions.

We are excited about exploring this new opportunity together with you!

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